Reader Question: Can You Stack Coupons at the Commissary?

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I’ve had a lot of questions lately about stacking at the Commissary. So I am reposting information for you about this policy. Stacking is where you use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. I have been hearing over and over again that you can stack coupons at the Commissary. This is not true! There is no such thing as a military store coupon. There are tons of coupons that say “Military/Commissary use only”, but these are still manufacturers coupons. You cannot ever, under any circumstances use more than one coupon on an item in the Commissary. There is no such thing as using a “military coupon” and a “manufacturer coupon” on the same item. Only one coupon per item.

Here is a look at the answer direct from DeCA:

Military and Manufacturer Coupon

Also, in similar fashion, you cannot use a second coupon with a BOGO coupon. This also can be referred to as stacking, which can confuse things. You often see coupons that say “Get $1.00 off milk wyb cookies” or “save .50 on bananas when you buy these 5 cereals”. In most stores you can use a coupon on the item you are buying, which can make for a great deal. In the commissary you cannot do this. Any item mentioned on a coupon cannot have another coupon used on it. So for the cookies and milk sample – if you use that coupon you cannot use a second coupon on the cookies. This is contrary to most stores, but it is DeCA policy. They take the one coupon per item very seriously.

Here is where DeCA clarifies this:

DeCA BOGO policy

and here:

DeCA Stacking Policy

DeCA has an extremely liberal coupon policy and we need to show it some respect. I don’t know where the idea of stacking at the Commissary started, but it is a false rumor. If you hear anyone who feels they can stack coupons please direct them to this post or to DeCA’s Facebook Notes section. We all have to learn the rules and I want to make sure everyone is informed of the correct policy. Hopefully this helps to clear up any confusion of stacking at the Commissary.

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This post was written by Amy
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