The Reality of Extreme


As a long time couponer I felt the need to touch on the concept of Extreme Couponing. I am constantly hearing new couponers saying “I want to be Extreme” and “I want to do it like they do on the show!” When I go to the store and pull out my coupons I always here about “the show” and how I should be on it. This always hits a nerve with me, and the reason behind the discomfort is
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Couponers vs the Commissary

I’m regularly on DeCA’s Facebook page keeping an eye out for any info, deals, or controversy that may be important to know. I have to say I am absolutely amazed at the fact 99% of the comments on DeCA’s Facebook page is from couponers who had issues at their store. This has made me wonder what is the core issue at hand and how can it be resolved.

Three years ago DeCA would receive maybe 10 calls, comments, etc a
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How Much Did I Save With Coupons in 2011?

So throughout the year I write down how much money I save with coupons on each trip. I keep a running tally to see my total savings for the year. I just finished tallying up the coupon savings for 2011. I was thrilled to see I saved…



Can you believe that? I love it. Ironically the total is nearly the same as the amount I saved in 2010. That is the amount I saved handing over paper coupons
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Who is the Average Coupon User?

So have you ever wondered what the average coupon user looks like? Do you picture grandma sitting at the table clipping the Sunday paper? Or maybe the young mom who is struggling to make ends meet? Most people assume that people use coupons because they have to, and that they can’t afford groceries without them. Well, a look at the real coupon user may surprise you. Recently advertisers and manufacturers have started doing studies on what the average coupon user
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The Life of a Coupon


We love coupons. We love to collect them, use them, and reap their rewards. But have you ever stopped to think about what happens to that coupon after it leaves our hands? I find it is fascinating what the process is after the coupon goes in the register. I thought some of you might be curious as well so here is a breakdown of the life of a coupon.

The birth of a coupon comes when a manufacturer decides
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Organizing Your Coupons


When you first begin couponing you will soon start to worry about how you will organize all these coupons. I will give you some basic info on all the ways to organize coupons and some tips. Please feel free to post on this thread any questions you may have about Organizing Coupons.

Holding on to coupons until a sale comes around is the biggest difference between typical coupon users and smart coupon users. Typical coupon users will use their
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The Many Types of Coupons

Coupons are a wonderful source for living on a budget. They are readily available, easy to use, and can make a huge dent in your grocery budget. But before you can use coupon you’ll need to find them. It can quickly become overwhelming trying to understand what types of coupons there are and how to get them. My goal here is to help you learn all the types of coupons and know where to best look for them.


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Learn To Coupon ~ How to Begin

You have discovered couponing! This is a wonderful world, but it can be very overwhelming. So how exactly do you begin? I’ve put this together to help those new to couponing to learn where to start. First off some points I want to make:

Have Realistic Expectations
You have seen “Extreme Couponing” and you too want to save 99% of your grocery bill. This is a wonderful goal but remember that this will take a long time to obtain, if

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Getting Others to Understand Couponing

Here you are – you love couponing, love the savings, and love the free stuff. BUT your family doesn’t get it. They don’t understand why in the world you just bought 20 tubes of toothpaste. They think you are a hoader, you’re actually wasting money instead of saving, and you are just clogging the house with useless stuff. Does this all sound familiar? I bet it does!! Almost all couponers have someone (or lots of someones) who just don’t get
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It’s December – Coupon Insert Cleanout List

With the arrival of a new month there are a few inserts that you can now toss since all their coupons have expired. You want to hold onto your inserts as long as there are still good coupons in them but you do not want to clutter your house with fully expired inserts. So as of December 1st these are the inserts you can now get rid of since all the coupons in them are completely expired. If you need
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