Want to Get Free Samples and Coupons? Join Buzz Companies

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When you begin couponing you will discover that there are so many ways to get coupons. One way is through buzz companies. And what is a buzz company you ask? They are companies that are designing to introduce you to new products so that you will spread the word, or buzz, about them. They are commonly referred to as Word-of-Mouth Companies. It is designed as a form of social networking of new products. So why should you sign up for these companies? Because they are free to join, and you will get free samples, products, or coupons, not to mention try out new products before anyone else. For a few minutes of your time you can register with them and they will alert you to new products and often offer you things such as a sample or a free coupon so you can try it out and tell others about it. Often you will see myself and other couponers talk about these when a new sample or coupon is announced. So sign up now and be all set to go when a new coupon is released.


Here is a list of current buzz companies I feel are worth signing up with. All are companies I have personally signed up with and have had a positive experience with. All are legit and worth your time. As with all sites I strongly recommend you have a secondary email you register with so your inbox is not flooded with promotional emails.


VocalpointLink – This is a program for moms to get them talking, expose them to new products, and get their opinions. It is run by a component of P&G. They have tons of polls and topics on their site but the best part is they often offer free items. They make a general offer to all their members and the first X amount that sign up get the free product or coupon mailed to them. Also, they will release some high value printables from their site for the new product. You do have to fit a profile to join – generally moms with a few kids who love to research and express their opinion.


BzzagentLink – This is a program where various companies look for people to try out their products and give their opinions. You get selected for campaigns and once you accept the campaign you get free products and lots of coupons. They ask that you tell others about the product and give your honest opinion. The more involved you are on the site the more offers you will get, so it’s worth it to log in at least once a month and do a few things.


Kraft First TasteLink – This program is sponsored by Kraft and is designed to expose consumers to new products. Every once in a while they will release a free or high value coupon to various members for a new product they are promoting. You don’t really need to do anything to get the offers. They’ll email you when you get an offer. Also, I’ll probably post when a new offer is out there so you know to check you account.


PssstLink - This is a program sponsored by General Mills so that they can get feedback from consumers when a new product is released. It generally will have a new coupon link about every month of so. Sometimes they will have a link to request a free coupon for a product. There is very little you have to do, just sign up and they’ll let you know when a coupon comes out.


SheSpeaksLink - This is a program geared towards women for them to connect and express their opinion. The company puts on Programs surrounding a certain product. If you are selected you get free products and coupons. They want you to try out the product, give your opinion, and spread the word to your friends. The more active on the site you are the more Programs you are picked for, but you can get some without ever really doing anything on there.


Smile.lyLink - This is a program similar to shespeaks and bzzagent. You take a few surveys and they select you for certain campaigns. When you sign up for the campaigns they will send you free products and coupons. They ask that you give your opinion and spread the word about the product. The more you do on the site the more offers you will get.


House PartyLink – This program is all about parties. You put in an application to host a party surrounding a specific event or product. If you are picked you get an awesome party packet with great free products and coupons. In return you promise to host a party on the selected day. It is highly selective, but worth it if you love to host parties.


Pinecone ResearchLink – This technically is not a buzz company but rather a survey company. It is a highly reputable survey company that you can generally only join through a referral (which the link below has). You are offered surveys to fill out about new products and in return they pay you $3 via paypal. The surveys tend to take 15-20 minutes, and they’ll send you a few each month. Also, they occasionally send out new products for you to try out and fill out a survey on the product. If you don’t mind surveys and enjoy learning about products before they are released to the public you will enjoy this program.


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This post was written by Amy
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